Cleaning Service for Airbnb



the reason we are chosen

" I want to stay in this room ! "

We always try to attentive work.
In order to realize it ,to make a cleaning check
sheet for each room,
So we can provide a satisfactory cleaning.

I will correspond flexibly as possible,
Please feel free to ask us.


※We will be flexible as much as possible,so please feel free to ask us.

Indication of operation time

Indication of operation time 2hours(case of 1room、1K)
handled time 9:00 - 16:00
holiday year round(except new year's holiday)

※It varies depending by the number and size of the room or usage of the room.

※Depending on the next check -in,we may clean the room after 16:00PM or nextday.

※Another important points is here.



Cleaning charge

size of room operation time price
1Room(〜8mat)、1K(〜room6mat and kithen2mat) 2hours 4,500yen
1Room(8.1~14mat)1K(room 6.1mat and kithen2mat over) 2 and a half hours 5,000yen
1DK、1LDK 2K 3hours 6,000yen
2DK、2LDK 3 and a half hours 7,500yen
3DK、3LDK 4hours 9,000yen
over 4Room、single house   Negotiable

Transportation expenses

Tokyo 23 wards 1000yen

Washing charge each room

seating capacity:5 500yen〜
seating capacity:6 1,000yen〜
seating capacity:8 3,000yen〜
seating capacity:10 7,500yen〜
seating capacity:12 Negotiable

※if you want to removal of stain, We can corresponds by extra cost.

Extra charge each room

excreta or vomit 3,000yen
Strong dirt in kichen or gas range 2,000yen
Strong dirt of bed,sofa and inens by guest 1,000円
Strong mold or dirt in shower room 7,500円
Area not listed on this site/Strong dirt Negotiable

※We send photo of the situation to you before cleaning.
We don't clean until you admit.
but if there is a check-in schedule of the day,we clean without your approval and we send an invoice.


The cancellation charge

today 100%(in the case of the guest doesn't leave.)
The previous day 50%
Before the day before last 0%

Replenishment items

The remaining amount will be confirmed and if it's becoming little, I report to you. Replenishment should be bought and prepared by hosts.If you want to purchase on behalf of you.We can purchace that can be purchased at a nearby convenience store or super market and it will charge.

Replenishment items

  • Sentimental seat for flooring
  • Toilet paper
  • Bath tub detergent or old Remover (the sprayer type)
  • Dishwashing detergent
  • Toilet detergent cleaning sheet ( toilet Magic phosphorus ) and the toilet seat
  • Dish sponge
  • Toilet cleaning brush
  • Saran Wrap
  • kantan mypet
  • Aluminum foil
  • Detergent for baths
  • Shampoo
  • Bath sponge
  • conditioner
  • Glass cleaner
  • Body soap
  • Dust cloth
  • hand soap
  • Garbage bag 45L /(small)20L
  • Laundry detergent
  • Box tissue

Initial setup charge

Cleaning products should be bought adn prepared by hosts.If you can't prepare below products,You will 7000yen as the initial cost .
case of prepared by hosts 0yen
case of prepared by us 7,000yen
thing you have to parepare
・roll-it-clean carpet & seat cleaner ・vacuum cleaneror or Flooring wiper with long handle ・bucket

payment method

Paypal(credit card)
bank transfer
※We will send invoice(s) to you every 20th day in the month when we shipped or sold.Payment shold be made on 5th day in the following month.

Service area

Tokyo's 23 wards

Tokyo's 23 wards